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Hi! Welcome on my virtual doorstep.

I’m Kurt, a Belgian freelance photographer and filmmaker.

I went on a big adventure trip in 2017 — driven by my strong desire to escape the rat race for a moment, and to fully immerse myself in nature and new cultures.

If I had to sum up my trip, it would look something like this: fresh impulses, digital detox (ahhh, the good times) and back to the basics — just me and my camera. What you see here, in my online store, is the product of my adventure.

I’m happy to have you! Take a look around. I have a slight feeling that your walls are looking pretty bare at the moment. How convenient of you to be here ;-)


PS. My impulse for exploration and adventure is like a scratch that needs to be itched again, and there will be much more good stuff on the way. Think: urban collections, portrait collections, abstract collections,… Make sure you don’t miss a thing and subscribe to my newsletter at the bottom of this page!