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Artist's Choice | Kurt Vandeweerdt Photography
Artist's Choice

This is a collection of my favourite pieces — both aesthetically and emotionally meaningful. Yes, I’m aware that you’re not supposed to have favourites. But, let’s be honest. We all do, don’t we?

Limited Editions | Kurt Vandeweerdt Photography
Limited Editions

The limited edition collection consists of an exclusive selection of prints, carefully curated by the artist. There are only 10(!) pieces available. After that: sold out. Forever. Each piece is numbered, signed and comes with a certificate of authenticity. Free worldwide shipping. We’ll have a way to find you, even when you live on a remote island (you lucky bastard).

Postcards | Kurt Vandeweerdt Photography
On a quest to make postcards cool again, I'm presenting sets of three selected prints. These are postcards that scream "I wish I was here with you!" - At least, that's what they should tell your beloved recipient. ;-)
The Mongolia Collection | Kurt Vandeweerdt Photography
The Mongolia Collection

In 2017, I spent two weeks living with a nomadic family in West-Mongolia. Did you know that the nomadic people use the yaks’ sh*t (excuse the foul language) as a fuel to keep themselves warm and to burn their stoves? It’s dried, and it doesn’t even smell. Just thought you might appreciate that little trivia. 

The Mountain Collection | Kurt Vandeweerdt Photography
The Mountain Collection

Is there anything more impressive than the sight of rough, robust nature? I personally find very few things more thrilling than a long hike at the backdrop of grand, majestic mountains. It gives one a ‘humbling’ feeling. This collection is meant to convey exactly that: Space. Vastness. Natural beauty.