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I bought a van for full-time vanlife. | Kurt Vandeweerdt Photography

I bought a van for full-time vanlife.


Do you remember the last time I did something crazy and adventurous? Selling my furniture and taking a one-way flight to the Philippines? Yes, that time. Well, while less impulsive as back then, I did something similar. I bought a van! And I'll have it converted to live in it full-time. At least for a few years or so. I'm not putting any timeframe or pressure on it. You saw this coming, didn't you?

The idea of living in a van already popped into my mind during my world trip in 2017, but for various reasons it stayed just that, an idea. For the past 1,5 years though, it began to grow on me and it blossomed from an idea into a dream. And boy, can I dream!? So, I've been spending weeks and months researching the web and watching tons of YouTube videos for inspiration. Like, a lot! I wouldn't be surprised if I tricked the algorithm into thinking vanlife is popular. 😋 Well, it really is popular nowadays, and for good reason! I'm so looking forward to this.

It gives me the freedom and opportunity to roam the country and be close to ever-changing landscapes.

Other than last time, I won't be going on a long round trip. The plan now is to keep my business running here. But by living in the van, it gives me the freedom and opportunity to roam the country and be close to ever-changing landscapes. Also, imagine this: when I see a window of several days or weeks that I could make a bigger trip, I can just hit the road — no need to think about packing gear, food, etc. Eventually, I hope to make more of these kinds of trips around Europe and take pictures. It will also mean I can start adding new artworks to the webshop! In the meantime, I just roam around my hometown, province and country. Living in the van, full-time.

The van is a 2017 Ford Transit L4H3. That's the longest and highest version they make, which gives me a whopping 8m² to live in! 😋 But basically, I have everything I need to live comfortably. Let me run you through some of its features: it will have a double bed, a functional kitchen with a 2-burner cooktop, deep sink and a fridge with a little freezer, a shower with hot water, a toilet, heating for those Scandinavian adventures, a dinette/desk space and a garage under the bed where I can even store my mountain bike. Are you missing anything? Well, I'm still contemplating a little oven. But other than that, I'm good to go! All this will be powered by a combination of gas and a big solar system. Ready to go off-grid for at least a week.

The conversion, by Cobra Van Interior (@cobra_vaninterior), starts in the second week of September and I hope to have it done by mid/end October-ish. First (big) trip? Nothing planned yet, and chances are I'll just be doing some short trips in the Ardennes, along the northern French coastline or into the German woodlands. But high up on my list at least are Schotland and the Lake District in England.

So, I'm prepping for my next adventure! Will I meet you on the road somewhere? Or do you want to come over for a drink? Get in touch! @kurtvandeweerdt

Peace! ✌️😎